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Aneta Kreglicka won Miss World 1989

A Polish beauty, Aneta Kreglicka has crowned Miss World 1989 by outgoing beauty Linda Petursdattir at the Honkong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongkong on Wednesday, 22nd November, 1989. The 39th edition of Miss World Grand Finale was presented by Peter Marshall, Alexandra Bastedo and John Davidson with 78 beauties.

Aneta Kreglicka,Miss World 1989

Aneta Beata Kreglicka,Miss World 1989,Miss Polonia 1989

Aneta Kreglicka’s Profile:

Aneta Kreglicka's Profile,Miss Swiata 1989

Aneta’s full name is Aneta Beata Kreglicka. She born on Tuesday, 23 March, 1965 in Szczecin, Poland. She is 173 cm tall. Her Hair color is Blonde and Eye color is Blue. She has a degree in Economics from Warsaw School of Economics. Aneta has won Miss Polonia 1989 national beauty contest and has also won the First Runner-up Miss International 1989 title in Tokyo. She has won Miss Swiata 1989 and Queen of Europe 1989 pageant. Aneta became a Judge at Miss World 2006 which was held in Poland. She is Professionally a Model and a Businesswoman. She is also Apart Diamonds Brand Ambassador.

Aneta Kreglicka’s Photo Gallery:

Aneta Kreglicka in Bikini

Aneta Kreglicka

Aneta Beata Kreglicka

Miss World 1989 Semifinalists:

Aneta Kreglicka of Poland won Miss World 1989 title. Leanne Caputo of Canada won the 1st Runner-up title. Monica Maria Isaza Mejia of Colombia won the 2nd Runner-up title. Prathumrat Woramali of Thailand and Jill Renee Scheffert of United States were other top semifinalists.

Miss World 1989 Special Awards:

Miss World Belgium, Greet Ramaekers won Miss Personality special award. Miss World U.S.S.R., Anna Gorbunova won Miss Photogenic award.


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