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Armi Kuusela – Miss Universe 1952 Winner

Miss Universe 1952 was the First edition of Miss Universe beauty contest which was held at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium In Long Beach California, USA on Saturday, 28th June, 1952.

Armi Kuusela,Miss Universe 1952

Miss Suomi 1952, Armi Kuusela crowned Miss Universe 1952 by an American actress Piper Laurie. A Scandinavian beauty Armi was the first beauty who won the first edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant. Armi Helena Kuusela received a motion picture contract, a $3000 sports car and a $2500 wrist watch.

Piper Laurie,armi kuusela

Armi Kuusela’s Biography:

Armi Kuusela's Biography

Armi Kuusela was born on Monday, 20th August, 1934 in Muhos, Finland. At pageant time, she was 165 cm tall. She liked Gymnastics, skiing and Swimming.

Armi Kuusela in Bikini

Miss Suomi 1952 Winner

Miss Suomi 1952

Miss Universe 1952 Semifinalist :

Elza Kananionapua Edsman, a beauty from Hawaii won the First Runner-up Miss Universe 1952 title. Ntaizy (Daisy) Mavraki from Greece won the Second Runner-up Miss Universe 1952 title. Judy Dan from Hong Kong won the Third Runner-up Miss Universe 1952 title. Renate Hoy from Germany won the Fourth Runner-up Miss Universe 1952 title.

Marilla Levy from Puerto Rico and Myriam Lynn from Belgium won the Miss Congeniality special award. While Esther Saavendra from Chile won the Most Popular Girl in Parade title.

Almost 30 beauty contestants were participated in the First ever Miss Universe beauty contest. They are :

Shirley Burnett from Alaska, Leah MacCartney from Australia, Myriam Lynn from Belgium, Ruth Carrier from Canada, María Esther Saavedra Yoacham from Chile, Gladys Lopez Cuba, Hanne Sørensen from Denmark, Armi Kuusela from Finland, Claude Goddart from France, Renate Hoy from Germany, Aileen P. Chase from Great Britain, Ntaizy Mavraki from Greece, Elza Kananionapua Edsman from Hawaii, Judy Dan from Hong Kong, Indrani Rahman from India, Ora Vered from Israel, Giovanna Mazzotti from Italy, Himeko Kojima from Japan, Olga Llorens Perez-Castillo from Mexico, Eva Røine from Norway, Elzibir Gisela Malek from Panama, Ada Gabriela Bueno from Peru, Teresita Torralba Sanchez from Philippines, Marilia Levy Bernal from Puerto Rico, Catherine Edwina Higgins from SOuth Africa, Anne Marie Thistler from Sweden, Gelengul Tayforoglu from Turkey, Gladys Rubio Fajardo from Uruguay, Jacqueleen ‘Jackie’ Loughery from USA and Sofía Silva Inserri Venezuela.

Armi Kuusela Past and Present

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