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Carmen Susana Dujim won Miss World 1955

Carmen Susana Dujim from Venezuela has crowned Miss World 1955 by British actress Eunice Gayson at the Lyceum Ballroom, London UK on Thursday night of 20th October, 1955. Miss World 1954 winner, Antigone Costanda did not attend for the Miss World 1955 crowning ceremony due to Hostilities between UK and Egypt over Suez Canal. 21 beauty contestants were participated for the Miss World 1955 crown.

Carmen Susana Dujim,Miss World 1955 Winner


Miss World 1955 Crowning Moment

Carmen Susana Dujim’s Profile:

Carmen Susana Dujim

Susana Duijm’s full name is Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga. She born on Tuesday, 11th August, 1936. Her Hometown is Aragua de Barcelona, Venezuela. Her Hair color is Black and her Eye color is Brown. She is a former Model, TV Host and an Actress. Susana won Miss Venezuela 1955 beauty contest. She has also participated at Miss Universe 1955 and placed in Top 15. Now she lives in Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Susana Dujim’s Photo Gallery:

Susana Duijm in Bikini

Susana Duijm in Swimsuit

Miss World 1955 Winners:

Miss World 1955 Winner,Julia Coumoundourou,Margaret Anne Haywood

PHOTO CREDIT: Terry Fincher/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Susana Duijm from Venezuela won Miss World 1955 contest. Margaret Anne Haywood from United States won the First Runner-title. Julia Coumoundourou from Greece won the Second Runner-up title. Gilda Marin from Cuba won the Third Runner-up title. Anita Astrand from Sweden and Gisele Thierry from France placed Fourth and Fifth. While Beverly Prowse and Felicitas Von Goebel were other finalists.

Susana Duijm,Miss World Venezuela 1955 Past and Present

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