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Carole Crawford won Miss World 1963

Miss Jamaica, Carole Crawford has crowned Miss World 1963 by Catharina Lodders at the 13th edition of Miss World finale. Miss World 1963 beauty contest was held at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, United Kingdom on Thursday night of 7th November, 1963. 40 beauties were participated for the prestigious title.

Carole Crawford,Miss World 1963 Winner

Carole Joan Crawford

Carole Crawford’s Profile:

Carole Joan Crawford's Profile,Carole Crawford's Profile

Carole Crawford full name is Carole Joan Crawford. Carole born in 1943. She is 159 cm tall. She is the shortest Miss World in history of beauty contest. Carole was the first official Miss Jamaica World.

Jamaica Post stamp,Miss World 1963

Jamaica Post issued a stamp of her face in honour of Crawford winning the Miss World title, which had an issue of three million stamps.

Miss World 1963 Semifinalists:

Marja-Liisa Stahlberg,Elaine Miscall,Aino Korwa

Carole Crawford from Jamaica won Miss World 1963 crown. Elaine Miscall from New Zealand won the First Runner-up Miss World 1963 title. Marja-Liisa Stahlberg from Finland won the Second Runner-up title. Aino Korwa from Denmark won the Third Runner-up title. Grete Qviberg from Sweden won the Fourth Runner-up title. Muguette Fabris from France placed Fifth and Diana Westbury from United Kingdom placed Sixth.

Carole Crawford

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