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Catharina Svensson won Miss Earth 2001

A Danish Model, Catharina Svensson had won the first beauty contest named, Miss Earth 2001. Miss Earth 2001 was the first edition of Miss Earth beauty contest. Miss Earth 2001 beauty contest was held at the University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. Catharina Svensson is being the first ever Danish beauty who won the International beauty contest.

Catharina Svensson,Miss Earth 2001 Winner

In the final Question-Answer round, When asked a question to Catharina, “How do you propose to find a balance between Technology and Earth preservation?”

She replied that “Well, of course technology does make a lot of problems for us in the environment. But we can do something to make it better. For example in Denmark, we do a lot of farming and we use a lot of technology to make it easier for us. But that also means that we use a lot of chemicals that spread and go down to a ground water and makes the ground water worse. So what we can do and what we are doing at the moment is to try to make a regulations on what chemicals are allowed to be used and also thereby make controls of it so we can use those chemicals less.

Catharina Svensson’s Biography:

Catharina Svensson’s birth date is 24th July, 1982 and her zodiac sign is Leo. Her birthplace is Copenhagen, Denmark. She is 180 cm tall. Currently, Catharina Brink is professionally a Model and a Lawyer. Catharina is married to a Swedish dressage champion, Jan Brink who is a seven-time Swedish dressage champion.

Catharina Svensson in Bikini

Miss Earth 2001 Finalists:


Miss Earth Brazil 2001,Miss EarthKazakhstan 2001,Miss Earth Argentina 2001

A beauty from Denmark, Catherine Svensson won the First Miss Earth 2001 title. Miss Earth Brazil 2001, Simone Regis won the Miss Earth Air title. Miss Earth Kazakhstan 2001, Margarita Kravtsova won the Miss Earth Water title and Miss Earth Argentina 2001, Daniela Alejandra Stucan Figliomeni won the Miss Earth Fire title.

Simone Regis,Margarita Kravtsova,Daniela Alejandra Stucan Figliomeni

Miss Earth 2001 Special Awards:

Miss Earth Japan 2001, Misuzu Hirayama won the Miss Friendship award. Miss Earth India 2001, Shamita Singha won Best National Costume award. Miss Earth Argentina 2001 Daniela Alejandra Stucan Figliomeni won the Miss Photogenic special award. Miss Earth Latvia 2001, Jelena Keirane won the Miss Talent award. Miss Earth Kazakhstan 2001, Margarita Kravtsova won the Best in Swimsuit award. Miss Earth Philippines 2001 Carlene Aguilar won the Best in Long Gown Special Award.

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