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Denise Perrier – Miss World 1953 Winner

A French Model, Denise Perrier has won Miss World 1953 beauty contet. Miss World 1953 pageant was held at the Lyceum Ballroom in London, UK on Monday night of 19th October, 1953. Denise Perrier was crowned the Third edition of Miss World crown by May Louise Flodin (Miss World Sweden).

Denise Perrier,Miss World 1953 Winner

Miss World 1953 contestants in Bikini

Only 15 beauty contestants were participated for the title Miss World. And they were : Manel Illangkoon from Ceylon (Now Sri Lanka), Ingrid Andersen from Denmark, Myshimarina Papaelia from Egypt, Maija-Riita Tuomaala from Finland, Denise Perrier from France, Wilma Kanders from West Germany, Brenda Mee from United Kingdom, Alexandra Ladikou from Greece, Yvonne Meijer from Holland, Havatzelet Dror from Israel, Elizabeth Chovisky from Monaco, Solveig Gulbrandsen from Norway, Ingrid Johansson from Sweden, Odette Michel from Switzerland and Mary Kemp Griffith from USA.

Denise Perrier’s Profile:

Denise Perrier's Profile

Denise Perrier born in 1935. Her full name is Denise Perrier Lanfranchi, now. She is a French Actress and a Model. She played a small but most memorable role in James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. She became the judge at the Miss World 2005, Miss World 2010 and Miss World 2011 pageant.

Denise Perrier’s Photo Gallery:

Denise Perrier in Bikini

Miss World 1953 Past and Present

Miss World 1953 Winners:

Denise Perrier from France has won Miss World 1953 beauty contest. Alexandra Ladihou from Greece has won the First Runner-up Miss World 1953 title. Marina Papaelia from Egypt has won the Second Runner-up Miss World 1953 title. Manell Illangakoon from Ceylon has won the Third Runner-up Miss World 1953 title. While Elizabeth Chovisky from Monaco and Mary Kemp Griffin from USA placed Fourth and Fifth.

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