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Jennifer Hawkins – Miss Universe 2004 Winner

An Australian Model, Jennifer Hawkins had crowned Miss Universe 2004 by Amelia Vega from Dominican Republic (Miss Universe 2003 Winner) at the grand finale of 53rd edition of Miss Universe beauty contest. Miss Universe 2004 beauty pageant took place at the Centro de Convenciones CEMEXPO, Quito, Ecuador on Tuesday night of 1st June, 2004. Miss Universe 2004 beauty contest hosted by Billy Bush and Daisy Fuentes.

Jennifer Hawkins,Miss Universe 2004 Winner

Miss Universe 2004 Crowning Moment,Amelia Vega

Amelia Vega asked a question to Jennifer, “If you could choose what time period and what sex to be, what would you choose and why?”

Jennifer answered, “I have to say this time period because we have as much freedom as we want. And I choose the sex of female because females have a lot to say in today’s society. So, I’d say this century, today.

Jennifer Hawkins,Miss Universe 2004

Jennifer Hawkins’s Profile:

Jennifer Hawkins's Profile

Jennifer Hawkins born on Thursday, 22nd December, 1983. Her hometown is Holmesville, New South Wales, Australia. She is 180 cm tall. Her Eye color is Blue and her Hair color is Blonde. Jennifer worked as a Model and she was a former cheerleader for the Newcastle Knights rugby league.

Jennifer Hawkins’s Photo Gallery:

Jennifer Hawkins in Bikini

Miss Universe 2004 Winner in Bikini

Jennifer Hawkinsin Swimwear

Jennifer Hawkins in National Costume

Miss Universe 2004 Semifinalists:

Jennifer Hawkins won Miss Universe 2003 crown. Shandi Finnessey from USA won the First Runner-up Miss Universe 2004 title. Alba Reyes from Puerto Rico won the Second Runner-up Miss Universe 2004 title. Yanina Gonzalez from Paraguay and Danielle Jones from Trinidad & Tobago placed third and fourth.

Miss Universe 2004 Special Awards:

Jessica Rodriguez from Panama won the Best National Costume special award. Laia Manetti from Italy won Miss Congeniality titl and Alba Reyes won Miss Photogenic award.

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