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Jessica Trisko won Miss Earth 2007 Beauty Pageant

Miss Earth Canada, Jessica Trisko was crowned Miss Earth 2007 by Hil Hernandez (Miss Earth 2006 Winner). The seventh edition of Miss Earth beauty contest took place in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines on Sunday night of 11th November, 2007.

Jessica Trisko,Miss Earth 2007 Winner

Miss Earth 2007 Crowning Moment

When asked a question to Jessica Trisco, How would you describe the beauty of Mother Earth to a blind child?
Jessica replied, “I would say that the beauty of Mother Nature smells as sweet as the sweetest rose… that the beauty of Mother Nature feels as soft as the softest leaves… and, that the beauty of Mother Nature sings like the birds in the trees.

Jessica Trisko’s Biography:

Jessica Trisko's Biography,Jessica Nicole Trisko

Jessica Trisko’s full name is Jessica Nicole Trisko. Jessica’s birth is is 1984. Her hometown is Vancouver, British Columbia. Jessica’s hair color is Brown and eye color is Hazel. She speaks Russian, French and English. Jessica received a degree in Bechelor of Arts from McGill University in 2004 and finishing a master of Arts degree from the University of Texas. She studied a Ph. D. in Political Science from McGill University in 2012. She has been among the top 10 semifinalist of Miss Universe Canada 2007.

Jessica Trisko in Bikini

Miss Earth 2007 Semifinalists

Silvana Santaella Arellano,Pooja Chitgopekar,Angela Gomez

Miss Earth Canada 2007, Jessica Trisko won the Miss Earth 2007 crown. Miss Earth India 2007, Pooja Chitgopekar won the Miss Earth Air 2007 title. Miss Earth Venezuela 2007, Silvana Santaella won the Miss Earth Water 2007 title. Miss Earth Spain 2007, Angela Gomez won the Miss Earth Fire 2007 title.

Miss Earth 2007 Special Awards:

Miss Earth Venezuela, Silvana Santaella won the Best in Swimsuit award and Best in Long Gown title. Miss Earth Thailand, Jiraporn Sing-ieam won the Best in National Costume award. Miss Earth Vietnam, Truong Tri Truc Dim won the Miss Fashion title. Miss Earth South Africa, Bokang Montjane won Beauty for A Cause special award. Miss Earth Philippines, Jeanne Angeles Harn won the Miss Photogenic award. Miss Earth Cuba, Ariana Barouk won the Miss Eco-Tourism title. Miss Earth Lithuania, Monica Baliunaite won the Miss Talent award. Miss Earth Lebanon, Amale Al-Khoder won Miss Friendship special award.

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