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Karla Henry won Miss Earth 2008 Crown

The First representative of Philippines, Karla Henry was crowned Miss Earth 2008 by Jessica Trisko (Miss Earth 2007 Winner). Karla was also the first asian beauty queen who the Miss Earth beauty pageant. Miss Earth 2008 beauty pageant was the 8th edition on Miss Earth beauty pageant. The grand finale of Miss Earth 2008 took place at the Clark Expo Amphitheater, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines on 9th November, 2008.

Karla Henry,Miss Earth 2008

Miss Earth 2008 Crowning Moment

Miss Earth 2008 Winner

When asked a question to Karla Henry, What would you tell US president-elect Barack Obama about the state of the global environment if ever you were to meet him?
Karla answered, “I believe the children are our future’, she added a fresh new context to the line that added to her advantage when she answered, ‘Environmental knowledge is something that all of us must share, but most importantly we must teach the youth that this is something that we should instill in them so that in the near future they will be the ones to take care of our mother Earth.

Karla Henry’s Biography:

Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry,Karla Henry's Biography

Karla Henry’s full name is Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry. Her birthdate is 23rd May, 1986. Her hometown is Cebu City, Philippines. Karla is 170 cm tall. Her Hair color is Black and her Eye color is Brown. Karla likes Music, Movies, the Arts and Fashion. Karla Henry won Miss Philippines Earth 2008 beauty contest and also has been the Second Runner-up in Miss Cebu 2007.
Karla Henry in Swimsuit,Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry in Swimsuit

Karla Henry in Bikini,Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry in Bikini

Karla Henry in Swimwear,Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry in Swimwear

Miss Earth 2008 Semifinalists:

Miriam Odemba,Abigail Elizalde,Tatiane Alves

A beauty from Philippines, Karla Paula Henry won the Miss Earth 2008 beauty contest. Miss Earth Tanzania, Miriam Odemba won the Miss Earth Air 2008 title. Miss Earth Mexico, Abigail Elizalde won the Miss Earth Water 2008 title and Miss Earth Brazil, Tatiane Alves won the Miss Earth Fire 2008 award.

Miss Earth 2008 Special Awards:

Miss Earth Panama, Shassia Ubillus won the Best in National Costume title. Miss Earth Mexico, Abigail Elizalde won ther Best in Swimsuit award. Miss Earth Venezuela, Daniela Torrealba won the Best in Long Gown title. Miss Earth Philippines, Karla Henry won the Miss Photogenic title and the Miss Earth Designers special award. Miss Earth Ecuador, Andrea Leon Janzso won the Miss Friendship title. Miss Earth Australia, Rachael Margot Smith won Miss Talent award.

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