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Mary Stavin won Miss World 1977

Miss World Sweden, Mary Stavin has crowned Miss World 1977 by Cindy Breakspeare at the 27th edition of Miss World beauty contest. Miss World 1977 grand finale presented by Sacha Distel and Ray Moore at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday night of 17th November, 1977.

Mary Stavin,Miss World 1977 Winner

Mary Stavin’s Profile:

Mary Stavin's Profile

Mary’s full name is Mary Ann-Catrin Stavin. Mary born on Tuesday, 20th August, 1957 in Orebro County, Sweden. She is 172 cm tall. She is a Swedish Actress and a Model. She played a role in ‘Octopussy’ in 1983, ‘A View to a Kill’ in 1985, ‘House’ in 1986, ‘Open House’ in 1987, ‘Alien Terminator’ in 1988 and ‘Born to Fight’ in 1989. Currently, She lives in Beverly Hills, California with her family.

Miss World 1977 Semifinalists:

Mary Stavin from Sweden won Miss World 1977 crown. Miss World Holland, Ineke Berends won the 1st Runner-up Miss World 1977 title. Miss World Germany, Dagmar Winkler won the 2nd Runner-up Miss World 1977 title. Madalena Sbaraini from Brazil, Cindy Darlene Miller from United States, Madeleine Karen Stringer from United Kingdom and Jaye Leanne Hopewell from Australia were other Semifinalists.

Miss World 1977 Special Awards:

Miss World Germany, Dagmar Gabriele Winkler won Miss Photogenic special award. Miss World Paraguay, Maria Elizabeth Giardina won the Miss Personality award.

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