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Miss Earth 2009 award goes to Larissa Ramos

A 19 year old Biology student Larissa Ramos from Brazil was crowned Miss Earth 2009 by Karla Henry (Miss Earth 2008 Winner) at the grand finale of the 9th edition of Miss Earth beauty contest which was held at the Borarcay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center, Boracay, Philippines on 22nd November, 2009. As a winner prize money, Larissa received $20,000.

Larissa Ramos,Miss Earth 2009 Winner

Larissa Ramos Costa in Bikini

In final question-answer round, there is no any question asked. Instead of that, Images were flashed on screen and each finalists were tasked to say few word about it.
And for this task, Larissa Ramos gave a statement after viewing an Image, “I come from a country that has the largest rainforest in the world, and it is also known as the ‘lungs of the world’. But we cannot just say that we are the ‘lungs of the world’ because my country produces a lot of air pollution as well.

Larissa Ramos’s Biography:

Larissa Ramos's Biography

Larissa Ramos’s full name is Larissa Ramos Costa. Larissa’s birthdate is 4th February, 1989. Her hometown is Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. She is 178 cm tall. Her Hair color is Black and her Eye color is Brown. She is a Student of Biology. Larissa won Miss Terra Amazonas 2009 beauty contest and also won Miss Terra Brasil 2009 pageant.

Larissa Ramos in Bikini

Larissa Ramos in Swimsuit

Larissa Ramos in Swimwear

Miss Earth 2009 Semifinalists:

Sandra Seifert,Jessica Barboza,Alejandra Echevarria

A beauty from Brazil, Larissa Ramos won the Miss Earth 2009 beauty contest. Miss Earth Philippines, Sandra Seifert won the Miss Earth Air 2009 title. Miss Earth Venezuela, Jessica Barboza won the Miss Earth Water 2009 title. While Miss Earth Spain, Alejandra Echevarria won the Miss Earth Fire 2009 title.

Miss Earth 2009 Semifinalists in Bikini

Miss Eath 2009 Special Awards

Miss Earth Philippines, Sandra Seifert won the Best in Swimsuit award and also won the Best in Long Gown title. Miss Earth Tanzania, Evelyne Almasi won the Best in National Costume. Miss Earth Tahiti, Niuriki Teremate won the Miss Talent title. Miss Earth Switzerland, Graziella Rogers won the Miss Friendship award. Miss Earth Czech Republic, Tereza Budkova won the Miss Photogenic title and the Best in Eco-Bag Design Wear award. Miss Earth Albania, Suada Saliu won the Best in Use of Indigenous Products Wear title. Miss Earth Jamaica, Jenaae Jackson won the Best in Eco-Design Wear special award.

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