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Miss Grand International 2014 award goes to Daryanne Lees

A Cuban beauty, Daryanne Lees has crowned Miss Grand International 2014 by Janelee Chaparro at the Indoor Stadium Huamark, in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday night of 7th October, 2014. 85 beauties from various territories and countries participated for the title.

Daryanne Lees,Miss Grand International 2014 Winner

CROWNING MOMENT of Miss Grand International 2014

Daryanne Lees’s Profile:

Daryanne Lees's Profile

Daryanne’s full name is Daryanne Lees Garcia. She is 27 years old. She is 171 cm tall. Her vital statistics are 32-23-34. She has a degree in Bachelors of Business Administratrion. Her hobbies are Dancing and playing the Piano. She has won Miss Comunidad Puertorriquena en Estados Unidos 2008 and Miss Grand Cuba 2014.

Daryanne Lees’s Photo Gallery:

Daryanne Lees in Bikini

Lees Garcia in Bikini

Lees Garcia -Miss Grand International

Miss Grand International 2014 Winners:

Miss Grand International 2014 Winner list

Lees Garcia has won Miss Grand International 2014 beauty contest. Hiwot Mamo from Ethiopia has won the Second Runner-up Miss Grand International 2014 title. Kathryn Kohut from Canada has won the Third Runner-up Miss Grand International 2014 title. Renera Thompson from Australia and Monica Castano Agudelo has placed Fourth and Fifth.

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