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Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 award goes to Ana Halozan

A Slovenian Model,Ana Halozan from Slovenian Konjic has crowned Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 by Urska Bracko at the Grand Hotel Union on 4th October, 2015. Ana beat 13 other competitors. As a prize money, she has received scholarship worth up to Twenty Thousand for studies at the Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Management.

Ana Halozan,Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 Winner

Ana Halozan’s Profile:

Ana Halozan's Profile

Ana is 19 years old. She is from Slovenian Konjic. She is studying at Commercial School in Maribor.

Ana’s Photo Gallery:

Ana Halozan in Bikini

Ana Halozan in Swimsuit

Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 Winner list:

Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 Winner,Urska Novak,Anjo Kragelj

Ana has won Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 title. Urska Novak has won the First Runner-up Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 title. While Anjo Kragelj has won the Second Runner-up Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 title.

Katja Trdan has won the Miss Photogenic special award and Danijela Zagorscak has won the Miss Congeniality special award.

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