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Miss World Italy 2015 award goes to Greta Galassi

Miss Trentino Alto Adige, Greta Galassi has been crowned Miss World Italy 2015 (Miss Mondo Italia 2015) by Alex Belli and Patrick Frangella at the 11th edition of Miss Mundo Italy beauty contest at the Teatro Italy Gallipoli on Saturday night of 13th June, 2015. Greta beat 49 other beauties.

Greta Galassi,Miss World Italy 2015 Winner

PHOTO CREDIT: Miss Mondo Italia

Greta Galassi will represent Italy at the 65th edition of Miss World beauty contest at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China on Saturday night of 19th December, 2015.

Greta said, “I wanted to experience and have become Miss World Italy 2015”

Greta Galassi’s Profile:

Greta Galassi's Profile

Greta is 17 years old and 175 cm tall. Her hometown is Rovereto. Her Eye color and Hair color, both are Brown. Greta is studying languages in High School Language of Rovereto. Her hobbies are Fashion and Entertainment.

Greta Galassi’s Photo Gallery:

Greta Galassi in Bikini

Greta Galassi Miss World 2015 contestant

Greta Galassi,Miss Mondo Italia 2015

Miss Mundo Italy 2015 Special Awards:

24 years old Tania D’Avolio won Miss World Model award. 21 years old Erica De Matteis Lazio won Miss World Talent title. 17 years old Jennifer Casula won Miss World Beach special award and Miss KKerly title. 21 years old Serena Matteo won Miss World Sport title. 21 years old Giulia Ardito Siciliana won Miss World Web special award. 18 Years old Martina Gravina from Molise won Miss Vitality title. 18 years old Maura Loffarelli won Miss Gil Bitches title. Serena Petralia won Miss Caroli Hotel title. Diandra Marrazzo won Miss Legs special award.

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