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Priscilla Meirelles crowned Miss Earth 2004

Miss Globe 2003 winner, Priscilla Meirelles crowned Miss Earth 2004 by Dania Prince Mendez (Miss Earth 2003 winner) at the UP Theater, Quezon City, Philippines on Sunday night of 24th October, 2004.

Priscilla Meirelles,Miss Earth 2004 Winner

When asked a question to Priscilla Meirelles, On a quiet night, you could hear the sounds of nature talking to you. What do you think is it’s message and what would you like to tell it back?

Priscilla replied, “What I can hear is that nature is saying that love is missing. Because people don’t respect each other, they don’t respect the nature, they don’t respect life. That’s why nature is reacting to everything that people do to her. Who suffer is us, humankind. And love is what would solve our problem.

Priscilla Meirelles’s Biography

Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida

Priscilla Meirelles ‘s full name is Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida. Priscilla Meirelles’s birth date is 5th September, 1983. She is from Manaus, Brazil. Her nationality is Brazilian. She is 178 cm tall. Her vital statistics 35-24-35. Her Hair color is Brunette and her Eye color is Brown. She likes Hosting and Dancing. Priscilla was a Madical student. Priscilla also won the Miss Miss Globe 2003 beauty paeant.

Priscilla Meirelles in Bikini

Miss Earth 2004 Semifinalists:

Kahaia Lesage,Yanina Gonzalez,Murielle Celimene

Miss Earth Brazil 2004, Priscilla Meirelles won the Miss Earth 2004 title. Miss Earth Martinique 2004, Murielle Celimene won the Miss Earth Air 2004 title. Miss Earth Tahiti 2004, Kahaya Lusazh won the Miss Earth Water 2004 title. While Miss Earth Paraguay 2004, Yanina Gonzalez won the Miss Earth Fire 2004 title.

Miss Earth 2004 Special Awards:

Priscilla Meirelles in Swimsuit

Priscilla Meirelles won Miss Photogenic Special Award. Miss Earth Honduras 2004, Gabriela Zavala won the Best National Costume title. Yanina Gonzalez won the Best in Swimsuit special award. Miss Earth Canada 2004, Tanya Beatriz Munizaga won Miss Talent title. Stephanie Lesage won the Best in Long Gown award. Miss Earth USA 2004, Stephanie Brownell won Miss Friendship special award.

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