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Winifred Omwakwe ascended as Miss Earth 2002 Winner

Miss Earth Bosnia and Heerzegovina 2002, Dzejla Glavovic won the Miss Earth 2002 title at the Folk Arts Theater, Pasay City, Philippines on 29th October, 2002. But due to “her inability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as the Miss Earth title holder, in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in the Miss Earth contract that she signed, Dzejla had been dethroned on 28th May, 2003.

And after this controversy, Winifred Omwakwe who won the Miss Earth Air 2002 title, declared the final crown winner by organizer of the Miss Earth contest. Winifred Omwakwe crowned Miss Earth 2002 at the Carousel Gardens in Mandaluyong City, Philippines on 7th August, 2003.

Winifred Omwakwe,Miss Earth 2002 Winner,Winfred Omwakwe

Winifred Omwakwe from Kenya was the first black African representative who won a major international beauty contest, Miss Earth 2002.

Winifred Adah Omwakwe

Winifred Omwakwe’s Biography:

Winifred Omwakwe's Biography

Winifred Omwakwe’s nickname is Winnie who born on 1st January, 1981. She is 175 cm tall. Winifred won Miss Tourism Kenya 2002 title. Winifred is a Public Relations and Communications Specialist and also a supporter of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, UNEP and Save the Children.

Miss Earth 2002 Finalists:

Sladjana Bozovic,Juliana Patricia Drossou

Due to Dzejla Glavovic was stripped of her Miss Earth 2002 crown, ‘Miss Earth Air 2002’, Winifred Adah Omwakwe ascended as Miss Earth 2002. A beauty from Yugoslavia, Sladjana Bozovic won the Miss Earth Water 2002 title and Miss Earth Greece 2002, Juliana Patricia Drossou won the Miss Earth Fire 2002 title.

Miss Earth 2002 Special Awards:

Miss Earth Philippines 2002, April Ross Perez won Miss Photogenic award. Miss Earth South Korea 2002, Lee Jin-ah won the Best National Costume award. Miss Earth Gibraltar 2002, Charlene Gaiviso won the Miss Friendship title. Miss Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002, Dzejla Glavovic won Miss Talent special award. Miss Earth Colombia 2002, Diana Patricia Botero won the Best in Swimsuit title. Miss Earth Peru 2002, Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos won the Best in Long Gown special award.

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