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Dania Prince won Miss Earth 2003 beauty pageant

Miss Earth Honduras 2003, Dania Prince was crowned Miss Earth 2003 by Winfred Omwakwe (Miss Earth 2002 Winner). Miss Earth 2003 beauty contest was the third edition of Miss Earth beauty contest which was held at the UP Theater, Quezon City, Philippines on 9th November, 2003. Dania was the first Miss Earth winne from Latin America.

Dania Prince,Miss Earth 2003 Winner

When asked a question in Final Question-Answer round to Dania, As a woman of the earth, instead of a pot of gold, what else would you rather find at the end of the rainbow?

Dania replied that “Honestly, there are things that are much more important than gold. For me personally, the most important is the sentiments of the people. To give love and smile to a human being, to be able to give them a hand when needed, to give help to someone who needs your presence, and also God is always with us which is very important.
The first thing I think when I open my eyes is heaven. When we have Him in our hearts and mind, everything is better. And I can see people how they really are inside, not if they have gold or not. For me the rainbow means life, God and happiness.

Dania Prince’s Biography:

Dania Prince's Biography

Dania Prince Mendez born in 1980. She is from Choluteca. Dania’s height is 185 cm. Her hair color is Black and Eye color is Brown. Dania won many beauty contest like Pacific International Queen 1998 and Miss America Latina 2000. She was also represent Honduras in the Miss Universe 1998 and the Top Model of the World 1998.

Dania Prince Mendez

Miss Earth 2003 Semifinalists:

Priscila Poleselo Zandona : Dania Patricia Prince : Marianela Zeledon Bolanos : Marta Matyjasik

Dania Prince won the Miss Earth 2003 award. Miss Earth Brazil 2003, Priscilla Poleselo Zandona won the Miss Earth Air 2003 title. Miss Earth Costa Rica 2003, Marianela Zeledon Bolanos won the Miss Earth Water 2003 title and Miss Earth Poland 2003, Marta Matyjasik won the Miss Earth Fire 2003 title.

Miss Earth 2003 Special Awards:

Miss Earth Bolovia 2003, Claudia Cecilia Azaeda won Miss Photogenic title. Miss Earth Panama 2003, Jessica Doralis Seguit won the Best National Costume title. Miss Earth Afghanistan 2003, Vida Samadzai won the Beauty for a Cause special award. Miss Earth Ethiopia 2003, Yodit Getahun won the Miss Friendship title. Miss Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina 2003 won the Miss Talent award. Miss Earth Brazil 2003, Priscila Poleselo Zandona won the Best in Long Gown award and Miss Earth France 2003, Jennifer Pichard won the Best in Swimsuit title.

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