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Francisco Escobar – Mister World 2012 Winner

An Athlete and a Model, Francisco Escobar from Colombia has been crowned Mister World 2012 award by Kamal Ibrahim (Mister World 2010), the World’s most desirable Men. Mister World 2012 pageant finale was held at the Kent Country Showground, Kent, England on Saturday night of 24th November, 2012.

Francisco Escobar,Mister World 2012 Winner

Francisco Escobar’s Profile:

Francisco Escobar's Profile,Mister World Colombia 2012

Francisco’s full name is Francisco Javier Escobar Parra. His Birth Date is 21st June, 1991. His hometown is Cali, Colombia. He is 190 cm tall. He is studying Business Administration at Monroe College, Bronx, New York. Francisco has been modeling for more than five years. He has been won the Mister World Colombia 2012 title.

Francisco Escobar’s Photo Gallery:

Francisco Escobar Parra

Francisco Escobar's Photo Gallery

Francisco Escobar  shows his body

Mister World 2012 Semifinalists:

Leo Delaney,Andrew Wolff

Francisco Javier Escobar Parra from Colombia has been won the Mister World 2012 title. Andrew Wolff from Philippines has been won the First Runner-up Mr. World 2012 title. Leo Delaney from Ireland has been won the Second Runner-up Mr. World 2012 title.

Mister World 2012 Special Awards:

Mister Ireland World, Leo Delaney won the Mr. World Sports title. Mister Canada World, Frankie Cena won the Mr. World Talent special award. Mister Philippines World, Andrew Wolff won the Mr. World Multimedia title. Mister Croatia World, Vanja Grgec won the Mr. World Extreme Sports award. Mister Vietnam World, Truong Nam Thanh won the Mr. World Fashion & Style special award.

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