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Mariasela Alvarez won Miss World 1982

A beauty from Puerto Rico, Mariasela Alvarez has won the International beauty contest, ‘Miss World 1982‘ at the grand finale of 32nd edition of Miss World beauty contest. Miss World 1982 was presented by Peter Marshall and Judith Chaimers and took place at the Royal Albert Hall, London UK on Thursday, 18th November, 1982.

Mariasela Alvarez,Miss World 1982 Winner

Mariasela Alvarez’s Profile:

Mariasela Alvarez's Profile

Mariasela’s full name is Mariasela Alvarez Lebron. She born on Sunday, 31st, January, 1960 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is 175 cm tall. Her Hair color and Eye color, both are Brown. She knows Spanish and English very well. Mariasela studied Architecture at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. She designed Santo Domingo’s landmarks, Torre Cristal. She has won Senorita Republica Dominicana Mundo 1982 national beauty contest. She worked successfully as a Host and TV presenter. Mariasela has founded the casa Rosada of Santo Domingo, a home for Orphans and HIV children.

Mariasela Alvarez’s Photo Gallery:

Mariasela Alvarez Lebron

Mariasela Alvarez Lebron,Miss Dominican Republic World

Mariasela Alvarez Lebron,Torre Cristal

Mariasela,an Architect

Miss World 1982 Semifinalists:

Mariasela Alvarez from Dominican Republic won Miss World 1982 title. Sari Kaarina Aspholm from Finland won the First Runner-up Miss World 1982 title. Della Dolan from United Kingdom won the Second Runner-up Miss World 1982 title. Lolita Morena from Switzerland and Luann Caughey from United States placed Third and Fourth. Althea Rocke from Trinidad and Tobago and Roberta Brown from Ireland were other semifinalists.

Miss World 1982 Special Awards:

Miss Personality special award won Maureen Lewis of Cayman Islands. Miss Photogenic special award won Lolita Morena of Switzerland.

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