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Miss Malaysia World 2015 award goes to Brynn Zalina Lovett

A Swim instructor and A Dancer, Brynn Zalina Lovett has won Miss Malaysia World 2015 at the 48th edition of Miss Malaysia World beauty contest which was held at the Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night of 29th August, 2015. Zalina Lovett has crowned by Dewi Liana Seriestha.

Brynn Zalina Lovett,Miss Malaysia World 2015

She will paint Malaysia at the world’s most prestigious International beauty contest, Miss World 2015.

Zalina Lovett

Few words from Zalina Lovett, “On a platform such as this provided by Miss Malaysia World, I’d be able to speak out and be heard, represent this country, and talk about things that I feel strongly about.”

During Q & A round, a question asked to Zalina, how Miss Malaysia World can make our society a better place?

She replied, “Miss Malaysia World can make our society a better place by taking advantage of the publicity that it is receiving and promoting social activity such as social awareness which can help improve experience of life, become aware of people’s emotion and improve our ability to respond to change.”

Brynn Zalina Lovett’s Profile:

Brynn Zalina Lovett's Profile

Zalina’s full name is Brynn Zalina Lovett. She is from Sabah. She is 170 cm tall. Her vital statistics 32-25-35. Brynn Zalina is professionally a Dancer and a certified Swim Instructor.

Brynn Zalina Lovett’s Photo Gallery:

Zalina Lovett in Bikini

Brynn Zalina Lovett in Bikini

Brynn Zalina Lovett in Swimsuit

Zalina Lovett - Miss Talent

Miss Malaysia World 2015 Semifinalists:

Melinda Lee,Catherine Chow,Natasha Aprillia

Brynn Zalina Lovett from Sabah has won Miss Malaysia World 2015. Serene Chai Yong Bin from Johor has won the First Runner-up Miss World-Malaysia title. Melinda Lee Chen Ling from Penang has won the Second Runner-up Miss World-Malaysia. Catherine Chow Kit May from Perak has the won Third Runner-up Miss World-Malaysia. Natasha Aprillia JS Benggon from Sabah has won the Fourth Runner-up Miss World-Malaysia title.

Miss Malaysia World 2015 Special Awards:

Brynn Zalina Lovett won Miss Fitness, Miss Wacoal and Miss Talent special award. Serene Chai Yong Bin won Miss Popular and Miss Metrojaya award. Dhiva Sakti Yogandran won Miss Photogenic title. Catherine Chow Kit May won Miss Personality title. Melinda Lee Chen Ling won Miss Social Media Queen title. Santhawan Boonratana won Miss Elegance title. Annie Kok won Miss Beautiful Hair title.Mae-Ziele Nyara Joseph won Miss Natural Beauty award.

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