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Miss World 2015 Winner is Mireia Lalaguna

Miss World 2015 Winner is Mireia Lalaguna from Spain. The 65th edition of Miss World award goes to Mireia Lalaguna. Mireia Lalaguna has crowned by Rolene Strauss (who is from South Africa and Miss World 2014 winner) at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR on Saturday night of 19th December, 2015.

Miss World 2015 Winner,Miss World 2015 Crowning Moment

Mireia Lalaguna,Miss World 2015 Winner

Mireia Lalaguna’s Profile:

Mireia-Lalaguna's Profile

Mireia’s full name is Mireia Lalaguna Royo. She is 23 years old and 177 cm tall. She is a student of Pharmacy at the Kovenhavns University, Copenhagen, Denmark. She knows Spanish, French, Catalan and English very well. She is professionally a Model.

Mireia Lalaguna’s Photo Gallery:



Mireia Lalaguna

Miss World 2015 Winner:

Miss World Spain, Mireia Lalaguna has won the Miss World 2015 beauty cotnest. Sofia Nikitchuk from Russia has won the First Runner-up Miss World 2015 title. Maria Harfanti from Indonesia has won the Second Runner-up Miss World 2015 title. Valerie Abou Chacra from Lebanon and Sanneta Myrie from Jamaica has placed Third and Fourth respectively.

Miss World 2015 Special Awards:

Miss World Vietnam, Tran Ngoc Lan Khue has won the People’s Choice award and World Fashion Designer Dresses title. Miss World Indonesia, Maria Harfanti has won the Beauty with a Purpose title. Miss World Namibia, Steffi Van Wyk has won the Sports & Fitness award. Miss World Guyana, Lisa Punch has won Miss Talent special award. Miss World Spain, Mireia Lalaguna has won Miss Top Model title.

Miss World 2015 Jury Panel:

Chairwoman of the Miss World Orvanizationa : Julia Morley, Linda Petursdottir – Miss World 1988 (Miss World 1988 Winner), Agbani Darego from Nigeria (Miss World 2001 Winner), Azra Akin from Turkey (Miss World 2002 Winner), Zhang Zilin from China PR (Miss World 2007 Winner), Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia (Miss World 2008 Winner), Yu Wenxia from China PR (Miss World 2012 Winner), Donna Walsh (a director and a dancer), Andrew Minarik, Mike Dixon, Ken Warwick

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