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Tom Nuyens won Mister world 1996 pageant

Tom Nuyens from Belgium won the First edition of Mister World pageant. Tom Nuyens crowned Mister World 1996 at Istanbul, Turkey on 20th September, 1996.

Tom Nuyens,Mister world 1996 Winner

In Tom Nuyens words, I saw the whole competition more like a game, nothing to take too seriously. But when they actually announced ‘Belgium’ as the winner, it felt more like a dream that I had to believe. I don’t see myself any different than anybody else, although my ego knocks on my door once in a while. So no matter what kind of interpretation people give to ‘me’ or ‘to a mister world title’, it won’t change my own perspective that we are all alike, different and connected at the same time.

Tom Nuyens’s Biography:

Tom Nuyens,Mister World Belgium

Tom Nuyens born on 18th March, 1976. He is a 192 cm tall. He studied Physical Education and Sports. He became the First Mister Belgium 1995.

Tom Nuyens’s Photo Gallery:

Mr. World 1996 Winner

Tom Nuyens

Mr. Belgium 1995

Mister World 1996 Semifinalists:

Mr. Belgium World, Tom Nuyens won the Mister World 1996 crown. Mr. Mexico World, Gabriel Soto won the First Runner-up title. Mr. Turkey World, Karahan Cantay won the Second Runner-up title. While Mr. Jamaica World, Richard Nevers and Mr. Puerto Rico World, Eliseo Paulo Cortes Melendez were other finalists.

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